Why Us?

Why should Lawrence Construction be you Construction Company of Choice? The Lawrence difference lies in Our Performance and Quality, Our Customer Focus, Our Innovative Solutions, and Our Team Expertise.
Performance & Quality
   Our mission is not to be the largest, but to be the best - a source for the industry's best ideas, best quality, best safety record and best value. Old world craftsmanship and attention to detail continue to earn Lawrence Construction the respect and preference of both past and current clients.  Lawrence Construction recognizes the significance of safety, schedule, quality and cost for every project we attain, and our company remains focused on continuous improvements in each of these areas. 
Customer Focus
   Lawrence Construction has built its business by forming solid relationships with our clients by consistently performing quality work on time and within budget.  At Lawrence Construction, we take pride in continuing to serve many of the same clients for over two decades. Our assurance of client satisfaction has resulted in over 70% of our business coming from repeat clients.  
   At Lawrence Construction our definition of “Customer” goes beyond our clients.  We also consider engineers, architects, trade contractors, suppliers, and employees to be our “customers” as well.  As such we have developed a teamwork approach and excellent rapport with them that builds a solid foundation of trust and commitment on every project.    
   Given the inherently hazardous nature of commercial construction, we’re one general contractor who’s developed – and continually implements – a comprehensive in-house safety program to ensure the safety of our employees, our subcontractors, our customers, and our customers’ employees and visitors.
   Yearly refresher courses, third-party site safety audits, and weekly jobsite safety meetings are just a few of the steps we take to ensure a jobsite that complies with the most-current federal and state OSHA safety regulations.
   Lawrence Construction subcontractors are required to comply with health and safety laws and regulations, adopting and enforcing safety practices equivalent to those of our own employees. Our people meet once every month to review the policies and procedures of our safety manual, We also perform announced and unannounced construction job-site and in-house safety audits.
   At Lawrence Construction, the safety of everyone in and around our construction projects is of paramount importance. Our Construction Project Superintendents are responsible for the job-site implementation of our safety program. They develop a Site Safety Plan for each project, ensure that everyone onsite has reviewed and signed it, then supervise job-site safety and conduct job-site safety inspections.

Innovative Solutions  
   Lawrence is continuously reviewing, measuring, and analyzing engineering, procurement, and construction processes to eliminate inefficiencies, errors, and bottlenecks. The result has been the development of unique and effective ways to improve safety, schedule, quality and cost.
   We use state of the art computer systems and software to design, estimate and schedule our projects. Due to careful planning, scheduling and project management, we continue to provide our clients with top quality projects on time and within budget.  
   We provide an exceptional value for our clients by participating in new and pioneering methods such as the “Partnering Concept” utilized with Marathon Ashland Petroleum & Speedway SuperAmerica.  
Team Expertise
   Lawrence Construction starts with great people as the foundation to success.  Our employees, subcontractors and suppliers are full time, results-oriented professionals.  
   Over the past several years, Lawrence has migrated from a construction management company to more of an actual “hands-on” construction company.  Our philosophy is to do most of the work ourselves and sub out very little.  On a typical project we will perform over 75% of the work with our own employees.  Our Project Superintendents average over ten years of service with us.   We do our own site work, our own excavating, our own steel fabricating and steel erection, our own masonry, our own tank & piping, our own rough and finish carpentry, our own HVAC, and our own concrete.  
   This in-house expertise enables Lawrence Construction to exert greater control over its projects and maintain the high quality of work and fast-track schedules that we insist on for our projects.  Over the years, we have successfully teamed with hundreds of engineers and architects to solve complex construction projects. We are large enough to provide the services required for a timely, cost effective, successful project and small enough to ensure the personal service that each owner wants for its project.