Given the inherently hazardous nature of commercial construction, we’re one general contractor who’s developed – and continually implements – a comprehensive in-house safety program to ensure the safety of our employees, our subcontractors, our customers, and our customers’ employees and visitors.
   Yearly refresher courses, third-party site safety audits, and weekly jobsite safety meetings are just a few of the steps we take to ensure a jobsite that complies with the most-current federal and state OSHA safety regulations.
   Lawrence Construction subcontractors are required to comply with health and safety laws and regulations, adopting and enforcing safety practices equivalent to those of our own employees. Our people meet once every month to review the policies and procedures of our safety manual, We also perform announced and unannounced construction job-site and in-house safety audits.
   At Lawrence Construction, the safety of everyone in and around our construction projects is of paramount importance. Our Construction Project Superintendents are responsible for the job-site implementation of our safety program. They develop a Site Safety Plan for each project, ensure that everyone onsite has reviewed and signed it, then supervise job-site safety and conduct job-site safety inspections.